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Introducing Short Creek Farm

“What Grows Together, Goes Together”

On June 136 pm, we invite you to visit Short Creek Farm, (formerly Harmony Hill Farm) `where Jeff Backer and Dave Viola will lead a farm tour of their visionary and modern farm where they are raising pastured pork, grass-fed beef, and heirloom vegetables.  They use their homegrown meats and veggies to create delicious and distinctive foods like sausages, salamis, and sauerkrauts.  They strive to instill a sense of place and seasonality into their creations, either by using fresh ingredients (“What grows together goes together!”) or by using both modern and traditional techniques to preserve the harvest for future use. Perhaps you’ve thought about raising a couple of pigs or a couple hundred square-feet of organic vegetables?  Or maybe your curious about the intersection of agriculture and conservation?  Or maybe you’re just curious about how that delicious Short Creek pork is produced? This is a great opportunity to meet your farmers, take a nice evening stroll around the farm, and ask questions.

On June 8, 4 pm, join Jeff and Dave for the first annual Short Creek Hemlock Tip Pickin. Many of the ingredients in Short Creek sausages come from their carefully cultivated garden, but one very special recipe calls for an ingredient gathered from the farm’s wild places.  They call the sausage “Tsuga”, named for Tsuga canadensis or the eastern hemlock tree, and it is flavored with the tender spring growth from newly broken hemlock buds.  These hemlock “tips,” found at the terminal end of every little twig and branch-let, impart a citrusy piney flavor to a truly unique and delicious sausage.  We will take a walk down the NALMC trail to the best picking spot, where young hemlocks are abundant, and pick tips until our (finger)tips are tired.  And for every half-pound of tips you contribute to the cause, the Short Creek guys will give you a pound of Tsuga sausage after they make the first 2018 batch.  Wear long pants, long sleeves, and bring bug spray!

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