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Steering Committee

Members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Carl Wallman, NALMC Chair, Private Landowner
  • Bryan Comeau, NALMC Vice Chair, Forester, NH Division of Forests & Lands
  • Taryn Bassett, Recreation Director for Town of Northwood
  • Jim Oehler, State Lands Habitat Biologist, NH Fish & Game
  • Steve Roy, Chair, Northwood Conservation Commission
  • Steve Eisenhaure, Manager, UNH Saddleback property
  • Serita Frey, Deerfield Conservation Commission
  • Steve Bailey, Friends of Northwood Meadows, longtime community builder in Northwood
  • Jeff Lalish, Private Landowner
  • Linda Smith, Private Landowner
  • Ron Fuller, Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation
  • Greg Bane, Private Landowner, President of Friends of Northwood Meadows, Vice President of Crank Pullers (Northwood snow mobile club)
  • Nik Bassett, Chief, Northwood Fire – Rescue
  • Rob Riley, President, Northern Forest Center
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