Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

An Afternoon with Michael Caduto

February 25, 2012
Northwood Community Center

On Saturday, February 25, the extraordinary story-teller, naturalist and author Michael Caduto joined members of the NALMC extended family at the Northwood Town Hall (“Ho!” “Hey!”). In the afternoon, in front of a back-drop mural of a birch bark Abenaki dwelling, to the accompaniment of guitar and drum and turtle-shell rattle, Michael told and sang, for the young people, wonderful local Native American stories having to do with peoples’ and animals’ relation with each other, and with the land. And after a book signing and potluck supper he spoke with the adults, and some children, about the natural life at the edges of rivers -- the riparian borders -- and how they are best maintained as habitats for fish, plants, trees and animals. It was an outstanding and exhilarating experience for us.
Thank you, Michael Caduto! Ho! Hey!

For more information about Michael Caduto please visit his website

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