Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

Leopold Bench Distribution

June 7, 2012
Northwood Meadows State Park - Northwood, NH
The Leopold Benches that we made during the workshop last fall, have finally found homes.  With help from the Friends of Northwood Meadows State Park and other volunteers, benches have been placed along the foot paths in the Park.

"Part of the concept behind the workshop was to work as a community, using community based products, to provide a product that goes back into the community.  Concepts like this go a long way providing educational experiences about natural resources and local forest products.

Northwood Meadows State Park would be the perfect home to several of these benches.  The benches are a symbol of what the park represents.  They are all natural, created from local forest products, and will one day bio-degrade returning nutrients back into the soil."

Bryan Comeau
Forestry & Wildlife
N.H.DRED, Forests & Lands
South Region
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