Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

How We Work


NALMC encourages neighbors to look beyond their stonewalls and work collaboratively on projects that will have real benefits to wildlife, forest, water, and recreational resources. 
Photo by Fred Borman.

In the Beginning...

The origins of NALMC date back to September 2006 when Carl Wallman, owner of Harmony Hill Farm met the State Lands Biologist for NH Fish & Game, Jim Oehler. In short, Carl wanted to coordinate with Jim to ensure that the wildlife habitat improvements that he was implementing on Harmony Hill Farm complimented the habitats on the adjoining Northwood Meadows State Park and Forest Peters Wildlife Management Area. Carl understood that, as far as the local wildlife was concerned, his land was not an island unto itself, that wildlife travel across property boundaries, and that few species could be fully supported by the habitats provided on his land alone. 

Carl, Jim, and UNH Cooperative Extension Forester, Matt Tarr met and decidied to try to take the concept of collaborative management further by trying to engage other landowners in the surrounding area to develop a model of collaborative management. Currently, the landowners engaged in NALMC include:

  • Harmony Hill Farm
  • NH Fish & Game Department (Forest Peters WMA)
  • NH Dept. of Resources & Economic Development (Northwood Meadows State Park)
  • Northwood Conservation Commission (numerous parcels in the NALMC area)
  • UNH Woodlands & Natural Areas Program (Saddleback Mountain)
  • Coe-Brown Academy
  • Other Private Landowners including Jeff Lalish and Greg Pitman

The group meets periodically to identify opportunities to collaborate on improving wildlife habitat, outdoor recreational opportunities, and forest and water resources in the NALMC neighborhood.

If you are a landowner in the NALMC area and are interested in participating, please contact us. We would like to hear from you! 
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