Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

Opening of 5-mile Hiking Trail
June 26, 2009
NALMC Neighborhood and Northwood Meadows State Park
The trail begins at Northwood Meadows State Park and continues in a westerly direction across the privately owned Harmony Hill Farm, before returning to the State Park. The trail meanders through a variety of fields, hills and woods that have been managed to encourage habitat for wildlife.

Harmony Hill Farm gladly welcomes hikers, but please no motorized or other types of wheeled vehicles on the portion of the trail that runs through Harmony Hill Farm.

The idea for the trail emerged from a unique partnership of public and private landowners in Northwood that is working on ways to collaborate on habitat management, recreational trials, and other management goals. NALMC includes the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED), the Town of Northwood, Coe Brown Northwood Academy and the University of New Hampshire, as well as several private landowners.

"NALMC was created so that abutting landowners can work together on common objectives, achieving results none of us could achieve alone," said Carl Wallman, private landowner and the current chairman of the group. "We want to build a model for this type of land management that can be adopted by landowners in other parts of the state. This 5-mile trail is an example of neighbors working together on a recreational project." NALMC is also turning its energies to forestry, wildlife and natural resource management.

Rarely can a single property provide all the habitat components required by wildlife. That’s why it’s so important that we look beyond our stone walls when making management decisions about our forests and wildlife habitats," commented Jim Oehler, State Lands Habitat Biologist for the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department and vice chairman of NALMC. "NALMC provides an incredible opportunity to collaborate on a grand scale, working with our neighbors to have a truly meaningful impact on wildlife in the Northwood area."
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