Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

2nd Annual Maple Syrup Potluck

March 10, 2012
Peck's Farm, Blakes Hill Road

Though March 10th was rather chilly, everyone who attended the second annual NALMC sapping party at the Peck Farm seemed to be warm and friendly. There were about fifteen people who came to stand amongst the sweet smelling steam and watch the sap boil down into syrup. Everyone brought something delicious to eat and Byron cooked hotdogs in a pan of sap for anyone who wanted to try one. Those proved to be a big hit!

Byron talked everyone though the sapping process from the collecting of sap from the trees to the finished product, maple syrup. He was able to finish off the sap into syrup while everyone watched. Everyone was given their own small jar of fresh, warm syrup to take home. It was nice being able to meet some new people, reconnect with others that attended last year and to have some of our neighbors drop by for good conversation, good food and some sweet maple syrup.

         -Kathryn Peck 3/14/2012

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