Northwood Area Land Management Collaborative

Welcome to the NALMC Neighborhood

Upcoming Events!

Woodcock Walk
Friday, April 24th

Meet at the NALMC kiosk on Winding Hill Rd

Jessica Carloni, a wildlife biologist with the NH Fish & Game Department will introduce us to the woodcock and lead us on a tour of their habitat at Harmony Hill Farm. The woodcock have an exciting mating ritual that we hope to witness. Bring your binoculars.

Contact Amanda at 867-4433 or for more information.

As of March 2012, there were seven new conservation easements placed on parcels of land within the NALMC neighborhood, which now consists of 2600 acres of permanently conserved land held by 17 different landowners, both public and private.

NALMC is a group of neighbors in and around Northwood, New Hampshire working together to connect with each other and to the land through an appreciation of the natural world.

Visit the kiosk while hiking a 5-mile trail that starts in Northwood Meadows State Park and loops through Harmony Hill Farm. Click Here for a printable trail map.

Within the town of Northwood, NALMC is a facilitator that:
  • Organizes community events and potluck suppers to bring people together to share ideas
  • Sponsors and supports outreach and education efforts that highlight the value of natural resources
  • Provides guidance to the residents that are considering a resource protection effort on their property
  • Directly participates in activities and events to promote great awareness and appreciation for the natural world
If you would like to participate in NALMC, please contact us.
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